Micro Minis


The brainchild of Rea Ann Silva, the Beautyblender blurs your make up to perfection for natural-looking, practically undetectable enhancement, with no fuss and next-to-no product wastage. A favourite of the AAA-List, the original pink ‘egg’ we know and love has spawned a ‘mini me’ (or two); the Beautyblender Micro Minis are ideal for accessing those tiny facial nooks and crannies, and their rounded bottoms snuggle neatly under cheekbones to make contouring a doddle… Use one to sculpt and one to highlight, or use the same sponge to prime, brighten and beautify your entire eye area. The pointed end is also perfect for precision pimple application – just dab on the offending area, and use the podgy bit (technical term) to blend and banish your blemishes. The most adorable additions to your make up bag, these are completely irresistible, infinitely ‘Aaaaaaaw’ inducing (and a lot less stressful than a puppy).

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